monthly impressions

over 5,000,000,000 impressions
desktop, video and mobile inventory

monthly unique

over 950,000,000 visitors
regional and category targeting

reach globally

america, asia, europe,
africa, australia

affiliate marketing

Extend the reach of your brand by introducing it to a range of new potential customers with the help of affiliate marketing.

We use a network with over 10,000 registered publisher worldwide. They range from niche content sites to major shopping sites, news sites or social media websites in different countries and categories. Launch and sell your products globally to different markets and segments. Let our affiliates generate leads and conversions for your business. Everyone will be your agent working toward to your success.

mobile marketing

Mobile advertising is the fastest growing market today.

We work togehther with the biggest mobil marketer in the world. With our network, you reach over 10 billion mobile subscribers in the world on your target market.

display advertising

Retargeting, Realtime Bidding, Behavioral Targeting, Ad Exchanges, Bid Management Systeme, Data Driven Display Marketing

We devise online display marketing campaigns that drive actions - such as a click, a lead, a registration or a sale. We track and refine our targeting options using our advanced adserving technology, with a focus on achieving your campaign objectives. We have a large online display advertising solutions. Our inventory comes from many of the leading online publishers and networks, worldwide. For advertisers , we offer access to this advertising space on a cost-effective CPM, CPC and CPA basis, with traffic optimised by our dedicated campaign team.


We build awareness for your business on thousands of premium sites. Our network reaches your clients worldwide. It is our mission to help you get more sales and leads.

We offer many ways to target your online display advertising campaign, from geographic and behavioral targeting to advertising on specific networks and sites. With our targeting techniques, we send your banner ads to your audience on the top news, entertainment, lifestyle and social media sites. the Top-Categories: travel, fashion, shopping, e-commerce and consumer electronic



dk-ads - your partner in berlin to boost your leads and sales, worldwide!

With our network and partners, you will reach hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. Increase the number of your leads or sales with us.




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